Connecting All Beings In Oneness

                 JUDY CARROLL


All of my books are the result of a very special request put to me back in 1995 by the ET Visitors, and are  an account of my ongoing Contact. My books, both fiction and non-fiction, have been written with a much wider readership in mind than just those interested in the subject of ET/Human Contact.

The messages conveyed through them suit all age groups and transcend all Belief Systems. They provide valuable tools for improving our quality of life through deeper understanding of Human Consciousness, Love and Fear, and by answering questions on the reasons why we are here and what we are here to learn, particularly about Self. There is also a wealth of information on God, Energy, and the Evolution of the whole Universal Family, from Man to Angel. The reasons behind ET/Human Contact are also explained, clearly and concisely and in the words of the Visitors themselves.


My ET Contact is still ongoing, as is that of my dear friend and co-author Helene Kaye, who is an Experiencer herself and mother of two children who have also undergone profound and conscious Contact Experiences with the Greys/Zetas. Messages and Teachings passed on to these two children by the ET Friends have provided a massive amount of totally independent confirmation on information I have been given during my own Contacts.

Over the years there has been so much misinformation, fear and negative hype put out about the Grey/Zeta Visitors. The aim of my books is to counter this, by introducing deeper understanding and knowledge borne out of my cultural background and backed up by a lifetime of ongoing personal Experiences.


Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth: A Lesson in History



People complain that the ETs/Greys refuse to communicate; well, now is the time. We have plenty to say – if you are willing to listen! The history of your planet is an ongoing saga of disinformation, twisted truth and outright lies. Deliberate misinterpretation of ancient scriptures has kept humanity in an almost endless state of conflict and chaos. Through this latest book Extraterrestrial Contact on Earth: A Lesson in History, our Grey family has gone to great lengths to provide you with a clearer understanding of past and present world events in order to help bring empowerment to all who dwell on Planet Earth.

This book provides information on many issues such as the Hybrid Program, the Genesis Story, the supposed return of Planet X and the Anunnaki, as well as the Shadow Group and their cleverly faked “alien abductions” known as MilAbs (military abductions) involving remote mind control, holographic imagery, drugs and bio-robotic lifeforms specifically engineered to resemble the genuine Greys, who along with other benevolent off-world visitors, are here only to assist humanity to regain their rightful place as Citizens of the Universe.

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                            THE ZETA MESSAGE

                   Connecting all Beings in Oneness.



The Zeta Message is a non-fiction account of my lifelong contact with the extraterrestrial beings known as “Greys” or “Zetas”. It is also the story of an Australian family who found themselves caught up in full-on conscious contact with these mysterious beings. Helene Kaye, the co-author of The Zeta Message, is the mother of the family involved. This book is very different in that, for the first time, detailed answers and explanations are provided on the true meaning behind the ET contact and abduction scenario. 

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                HUMAN BY Day, Zeta by Night

  A Dramatic Account of Greys Incarnating as Humans


A companion volume to The Zeta Message, Human by Day, Zeta by Night is a docudrama which presents ET/Human contact from the ETs’ perspective. The medium of story-telling enables much deeper teachings, messages and information on all aspects of ET/Human contact to be conveyed. Alien implants and abduction, crop circles, star children, the Grey/Zeta culture and the expansion of Human consciousness through evolution are all covered in great detail.  


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Important Message to Mankind

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which also refers, amongst other things, to this crop circle illustrated below

Crop Circle sparks chain of events leading to book and a global healing project...

As we explain in our book, this crop circle was the only one ever to be featured on prime time television in Australia, only days after we put out a request to our Grey/Zeta friends “Upstairs” to supply a crop circle to help us illustrate the Human Ladder Teaching on the universal path of Human evolution that was given to us back in 2001.



 Unbeknown to us, a simultaneous request for a crop glyph was being put out by another Aussie, a man by the name of Brett Parrott, a crop circle investigator who was meditating at the base of Milk Hill in Wiltshire, UK, on the day before the circle was created.

Some years ago Brett “just happened” to come across our website, and got an inexplicable urge to contact us.

During an exchange of several emails, he happened to mention his request and the resulting circle that was created during the following night. This circle “just happened” to be the exact same one that we’d asked for. Brett very kindly forwarded an original photo he’d taken of it, and gave us permission to use it for the cover of our book.