Connecting All Beings In Oneness

An Important Message to Mankind

 October, 2010.

Message from Zeta Teacher Maris, on our planetary healing project.

We are aware of the fact that since the acceleration and expansion of our contact program with Humans of Earth over the past 60 to 70 years, speculation and fear has arisen regarding the reasons for our presence here. Much of this fear has been born out of our seeming refusal to communicate, but what many down here do not understand is that we have great difficulty communicating at the physical Earth Human level. In the year 2001, information was downloaded to our long-time Australian contact, Judy Carroll, along with Helene Kaye and her 12-year-old daughter, Kira, with whom we had recently established ongoing and fully conscious contact.

Agreement had been made with Judy some years earlier that a book be written to assist us in overcoming the communication difficulties, and information on the Human evolutionary process and our role in connection with this was to be included. Spiritual evolution of the Human race of Earth is the reason for our presence here, and what you perceive as “abduction and interference by aliens” is in fact part of this ongoing project. Evolution on the soul level is not an easy process by any means, and always involves some trauma in overcoming the fear and ego barrier to eventually break through to pure unconditional love on the other side. Human evolution as it occurs throughout the universe is a complex matter to explain, so Judy, Helene and Kira half-jokingly suggested that we create a crop circle to be utilized as an illustration of this universal path of evolution which we refer to as the Human Ladder or Universal Cycle.

At the same time, and completely unbeknown to them, an Australian man by the name of Brett Parrott was meditating inside a crop circle at the base of Milk Hill in the country of England. During the course of his meditation, and also half-joking, Brett put out a request in his mind to “the circle makers” that, if they were real, to please create a glyph that night in Milk Hill Field. With three simultaneous requests from Australia, anchored by a fourth one right there on the spot, how could we refuse? And so we obliged.

This quite complex glyph, placed in Milk Hill Field in August of 2001, is a symbolic expression of creation, evolution and transformation, incorporated into a pattern representative of the spiralling path followed by each Human soul through ascending universal levels, which we refer to as “galactic levels”. These are not physical places as such, but rather ascending levels of conscious awareness, which is what evolution in the Human Kingdom is all about. As has been observed, into this basic design we have incorporated the so-called Seal of Solomon, as well as other components of sacred geometry, to get our message across.

It is in this way, through True or Universal Symbols, our crop glyphs are designed to impact directly upon the energy body of both planet and people to assist in the raising, balancing and harmonizing of life-force energy. Our glyphs work in the same way as do all universal symbols, including those utilized in the practice of Reiki, in that they encapsulate energy and initiate sychronization of energy frequencies. They are patterns of energy that link directly into your energy body, impacting upon your DNA, which in turn underpins the whole essence of your being on all levels – physical, mental/emotional, spiritual and cosmic. This is the reason why, on entering a genuine crop circle, the more sensitive ones among you may feel sensations ranging from nausea and headaches, to higher energy levels and maybe even to states of euphoria and bliss.

Like Reiki symbols, the crop glyphs have the effect of fast-tracking the evolutionary process. They are a catalyst to initiate expansion of conscious awareness beyond the confining limitations of physical third dimensional reality to enable you as a Human species to evolve with your planet as she steps up to the next “galactic level” of higher frequency reality. As universal symbols, our crop glyphs speak to you in a universal language, thus helping us overcome the problems of communication.

The Milk Hill formation given to our Australian friends to assist our communication through their writings, encapsulates the very essence of Human evolution, and the reason why we, the Grey Guardians, are here at this time. Many who have experienced encounters with us have been made aware of the special significance of the number 13, which represents Transformation. Think of Jesus and his 12 Apostles, and the Medicine Buddha with his 12 Yaksha Generals. It is the 13th component that is the catalyst for transformation. The Milk Hill circle is made up of 409 smaller circles – 4 + 0 + 9 = 13. Thus it is specifically designed to assist in the transformation/evolution of Planet Earth and her people. 

This is an ideal vehicle for transformation, for we cannot bring this about without your help. Earth is a freewill planet, so it is necessary to have a critical mass of people on the planet – at least 144,000 – putting the energy of their hearts and minds into bringing this transformation into being. This must be initiated on the physical level first, which in turn enables us to enhance the mass consciousness effect and reflect it back to Earth. It cannot be done without the catalyst of mass consciousness. It is NOT about 1 person, or 10, or even 1,000. It must be a joint effort, not necessarily by governments or those in authority, but rather by the peopleyou yourselves through a freewill choice, and intention is the key.

As we explained in a message* sent through our channel, Judy, back in 2006, the following years would be a time of choosing on Planet Earth. Whether a Human evolves spiritually or not is entirely a matter of making choices – right choices or wrong choices. Choosing to take part in this planetary healing project is a major choice at this critical time for your planet’s future. We have initiated the shift by encapsulating the appropriate energy frequencies into this glyph. By projecting your freewill intention outward into the cosmos via this pattern of energy it will be heard and understood throughout the universe, thus attracting like-minded energies to assist the process of planetary healing, balancing and harmonizing.

We are aware of the fact that we are not popular with some of you who see us as alien intruders out to conquer Earth. So be it – if that is your mind-set there is nothing we can say that will change it. This project is not about us but rather about you, the people of Earth, your children and your children’s children – the future generations who will need a healthy and peaceful planet to call Home. In reality your hearts and minds are not under anyone else’s control – you have freewill – so please use it for the sake of your world.

Know that with the few joint exercises just a very small number of you have done already things are starting to shift. We see your lights and we rejoice. This is to be an effort on a truly universal scale as we come together in Oneness for the greater good. Please know that you are an expression of God/Source, each and every one of you, and you can indeed “move mountains” far more effectively than you realize. 

In love and oneness,


*For more information on the Zetas, the Human Ladder/evolution and Maris’s 2006 message please go to my website – http://www.ufogreyinfo.com/ – Judy Carroll.