Connecting All Beings In Oneness



Our Discs skimmed the sandy surface of the planet, travelling at a steady and moderate speed of only a few hundred kilometers per hour. This was a reconnaisance flight, so my fellow crew members and I had left the safety of our space station to venture forth in two of our smaller, more compact Discs to carry out our mission. We were operating on a lower frequency band of the electro-magnetic scale, which meant we were visible to any Earthling eyes that happened to be scanning the night sky, but with the storm that had been raging for the last half hour or so that was not very likely. This was not a thickly populated area of the planet, and most of the inhabitants would be tucked up safe and sound in their beds anyway, so we felt fairly secure that our presence would not be noticed.

On this mission my “twin soul” Ashka and I were piloting our Disc, along with three other crew members. Ashka and I are close friends, sharing a very similar energy signature, so we often work together in this way. Our Discs are not powered by fuel-driven rockets, or engines of any sort for that matter. They are motivated solely by the pure, naturally occurring energy that is the driving force behind the entire universe. They are designed to access this cosmic energy directly through the hands and mind focus of the crew.

To put it simply, we ourselves are the conduit for the power, and the Disc is an extension of us in that we are linked to it and to each other by thought processes alone. This energy flows into and through our bodies, which act as conductors, and is directed into the Disc, which is intimately linked into our energy and nervous systems through our hands when they are placed on the control panel. Direction and speed are governed solely by our minds, and so the Disc can potentially travel at the speed of our thoughts, thus transcending time and space. The Disc is a living entity of which we are the brain and nervous system. The Disc itself is “attuned” to the energy signature of each individual crew member, and will only respond to our touch.

Our people, known on Earth as “Zeta Reticulans” or “Greys” because of the color of the bodies we sometimes use, are visiting your planet as a rescue team, to assist in the awakening of Earth Human consciousness to higher and deeper levels of awareness. The name we call ourselves may be translated into the physical languages of Earth as Family, or Guardians, and where we come from is Home, or Realm. We have experienced lives in many different star systems including your own, but we have now evolved to a point where we are no longer a part of the physical universe. We moved beyond that state eons ago.

We are not physical beings but rather pure soul essence, and are caretakers of life-force energy within the universe. In order to carry out our role of guardianship on physical planets such as Earth, we sometimes need to utilize physical bodies, or “containers” as we call them. These may be biological, artificial, or else a bit of both, depending upon the work we are carrying out at the time. The artificial ones have caused some Earth plane investigators to believe that we are robots, but the truth of the matter is, Humans of Earth are in general far more “programmed robots” than we!

Having evolved past the psychological or karmic need for physical form, we operate in total oneness as a Group Soul Consciousness. As Guardians, we are able to consciously access many different dimensional planes, and those ones known on Earth as “Angels” are very highly evolved members of our group. Ones like Ashka and I, who have not yet attained this advanced frequency level, are referred to as Helpers, or Workers of the Angels. Humans of Earth have given us many different labels – Zetas, Greys, Visitors and ETs, which are all fine as far as we are concerned. What we do not like to be called is “Aliens”, for the immortal soul consciousness that we are, you are also, so in the greater reality we are all One.




It was business as usual on board our Disc that night, and a busy night it was going to be, with four procedures scheduled before morning. Our first Human “guest” lay ready on the examination table. We had quite easily managed to teleport her, physical body included, out through the seemingly solid walls of the house and into our hovering craft. This ability to move solid objects such as bodies through other solid objects such as walls really had the UFO investigators of Planet Earth scratching their heads in perplexity, but with the technology we have at hand it is not so very difficult; just a matter of temporarily adjusting the vibrational frequency of the molecular structure up a notch or two, and creating a corridor through the time/space continuum.

Once on board we brought her back to a state of normal consciousness, and as usual, attempted to reach her via telepathy, but, just as we constantly found, the walls of emotion and terror closed around her, cutting her off and closing her mind to our telepathic messages of reassurance.

As part of my training I was taking special classes involving in-depth studies on Human emotion, so it fell upon me to do something. Pushing my way with difficulty through the negative force-field of fear surrounding her, I placed my hands on the area of the temples, drawing her face towards me and her eyes into mine. Slowly but surely a calm descended upon the woman, quietening her screams and struggles. Although we don’t like doing such things, it was necessary to secure her to the table, to stop any chance of movement during the delicate procedure we were about to carry out. This was more for her own safety than for ours.

Although she was not aware of the fact on a conscious level, there had been an agreement made with her higher self on the soul level prior to her present incarnation. Her higher self had given us full permission and in fact had requested these procedures to be carried out. We were not over-riding her freewill, and this is the case with all the so-called abductees, although many of them have no memory on the conscious, physical level of their being of such an agreement being made.

Human consciousness is multi-dimensional, and can be likened to an iceberg floating in the ocean. The small part of the mind that a level one Human is consciously aware of in physical life is like the tip of the iceberg which can be seen above the water. However, as with an iceberg, the greater part of the mind is hidden beneath the surface. This is the ninety percent which Earth Humans do not consciously utilize, but which nevertheless contains vast amounts of knowledge and awareness on a sub-conscious or super-conscious level.

If one is able to access even a small part of this hidden area of the mind, then information on such things as past lives, soul purpose, higher self and between-life states can easily be recalled. This information is usually buried on deeper levels of consciousness once you incarnate back into physical life. If you wish to tap more deeply into this vast storehouse of knowledge and awareness which is the soul mind, then the first step in the process is acceptance of the fact that you are vastly more than just a physical body. You are an immortal spiritual being that has existed before and will continue to exist for eternity.

The second step is to acknowledge this fully in both your heart and mind, and the third step lies in mastering the ability to just detach a little from the distractions of the physical plane so that they are not the “be all and end all” of your existence. These distractions are referred to in the Chinese Classic, the Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu, as “the ten thousand things” - the myriad distractions of life, work and play which govern the lives and fill the minds of most mortals pulling them back again and again to physical life on Planet Earth.

This chronic loss of soul memory is the greatest difficulty we come up against in our work with Earth Humans. They have lost touch with their own higher consciousness and have therefore forgotten that it was they themselves who sought our intervention and gave us their full permission for the procedures to be carried out. This request has been made by those ones on Earth who are ready to evolve further. Some of them already feel a deep sense of love and oneness on the soul level, especially when they are able to move past the fear that is blocking their inner awareness and open themselves more fully to us. It is then they remember, and feel the love. We do not choose certain Humans for contact; it is they who choose contact with us in order to assist their spiritual awakening.

As the procedure began, I took up a position behind the woman with my hands on her temples, directing calming energy into the head chakras. This energy flowed automatically as long as my hands stayed in contact with her energy field. It took no conscious effort on my part, and so my mind was free to wander. I thought of how many, many times we had done this, bringing both Humans and animals on board our big Disc, submitting them to numerous tests and probes, and sometimes even artificial insemination, always working towards the same end, which is the preservation of a world, and the species which dwell thereon.

My wandering mind then went out to our other Discs operating in the same area on the same night. Tomorrow’s newspapers would perhaps carry reports of “strange lights” seen in the sky along the east coast of Australia, or else perhaps the sighting of a number of unidentified flying objects. If enough witnesses came forward, the story could even extend into the news of the day after, then, as usual, it would be brushed aside and forgotten in favor of more interesting and important news items such as the latest sex scandal of Hollywood, or the football and cricket results. Oh well, in one way this made things easier for us. The last thing we need is publicity of the negative kind that the media seems to thrive on.

My mind then went on to consider the incredible double life I lead - by day confined to a fully-biological Human body, then as this container sleeps safely in bed at night, I slip out of it and take up my work on board the Disc. Depending upon the duties to be performed, I use either a semi-artificial and totally physical Zeta-type gray container, or else create with my mind an astral body based on this form. On other occasions when no form at all is required I manifest simply as a Light Body, which is my true Guardian self.

In order to carry out my “upstairs” work properly, the Human container requires an adequate amount of sleep, up to ten hours a night if possible. It also makes it necessary for me to sleep alone, so that I am not disturbed in any way during my working hours on board the Disc, for if the Human container is left behind, it must be maintained in a very deep sleep-state.

Suddenly a most terrible jarring sensation shook my whole body, rudely shattering my train of thought. A horrific vision hit me, of our Disc being bombarded by a giant meteor, or, worse still, another collision and crash. Following procedure I threw myself down on the floor, curling my body up, head down, hands over my eyes, waiting for the impact, as the dreadful shaking continued.

“Ali! Ali! For God’s sake will you wake up! What the hell is wrong with you? Wake up!”

As I struggled to pull myself free of clutching five-fingered hands, the shaking stopped. Gasping in shock I opened my eyes and half sat up --- only to find myself back in my Human body, safe and sound in my own room, with Paco leaning over me. His face was as white as the sheet that he clutched in his hands, and the expression of sheer terror in his eyes was beyond words.

I must have still looked dazed, because he grabbed me again, trying desperately to shake me awake, and his voice was trembling, in fact he seemed almost hysterical: “Ali, wake up! They took me again! I’m so scared! Please wake up!”

Such was the depth of his fear I really thought he was going to pass out right then and there. Still feeling dazed, nauseous, and almost ready to pass out myself from being pulled back so suddenly from Zeta to Earth Human body, I somehow extricated myself from the tangled bed clothes and put my arms around him, pulling him down beside me. I could feel him shaking from head to foot, and he grabbed hold of me so tightly that I could hardly breathe.

I eventually managed to extricate myself enough to place one hand on his head, which then enabled me to apply our calming technique. As this slowly took effect he loosened his strangle-hold a little.

“Paco, please calm down and tell me what’s wrong.” I spoke quietly but firmly, all the while keeping a hold on him to ensure a steady and continual flow of calming energy.

Still trembling, he held his arm out to me, and for the first time I saw the blood soaking into his sleeve, and a clean but apparently quite deep cut in his forearm.

“They took me again, tonight,” he gasped in horror, “and look what they did! Why can’t they leave me alone! What in the name of God do they want?”

“Paco, try to calm down and tell me – who? Who took you, and where? What are you talking about?”

“The aliens! The aliens, for God’s sake!” he cried, burying his face in his hands. I sat there staring at him, completely stunned.

“Paco, are you sure?” I replied lamely, not quite knowing what to say or how to react.

After a moment or two he took a deep breath, trying to get a hold on himself. “Ali, that’s what is wrong, and why I’ve been acting so strange, and there is absolutely no one I can talk to about it except you, and I’m so scared! Sometimes I really think that I’m going crazy! Do you think I’ve gone crazy?”

“Oh, Paco, no! Don’t be silly, of course I don’t! Look, please, just try to calm down and tell me exactly what’s happening.”

He leaned back against the pillows, closing his eyes for a few moments, then took a deep breath before answering: “It all began about a year ago, not long after I came back here for granny’s funeral. One night I was called out to attend to one of our parishioners who was dying. She was in a nursing home right out in the country, so it was a fairly long, lonely drive, and on the way back to the presbytery something really strange happened.

I left the hospital at about one in the morning, and should have been home easily by two o’clock, but as I came in the door I happened to glance at the clock, and it was almost three-thirty. At first I thought maybe the clock was fast, or that it had stopped or something, so then I checked my watch - that said three-thirty too. I checked every clock in the house, and they were all right on half past three.

I thought and thought, trying to remember anything unusual about the drive home, trying to work out what had happened to the missing hour and a half, but the weird thing was, I didn’t remember until the next day the strange light I’d seen in the sky. When I did recall it, I couldn’t understand how I could possibly have forgotten. It seemed to be hovering over a paddock beside the road, and I stopped the car to get out for a closer look, then the next thing I remembered was driving into the church grounds. It was after that night that the dreams started - or really I should call them nightmares - of being taken on board an alien craft and subjected to the most awful examinations and probes.”

“What do the aliens look like?” I asked, already knowing his answer.

“Oh Ali, they’re really strange! Small, sort of gray-colored beings with enormous black eyes. It’s those eyes that really get to me. It’s like you’re going to fall right in and disappear forever.” He shuddered involuntarily at the memory.

“It happened three times in a row, and I got that way I dreaded answering the phone at night, in case I was called out again. I couldn’t stand the thought of having to drive alone after dark. Then it seemed to stop for a while, but now it’s all happening again! Oh Ali, what in the name of God can I do? I can’t tell Father Keating. I have his trust and his respect, but that won’t last long if I start telling him I’m being abducted by aliens. He’s the last person I can talk to about it, but I can tell he’s noticing that there’s something wrong with me. I’m so scared, and I just don’t know what to do!”

“Paco, what happened tonight? Were you taken again?”

“Oh God, yes! I hoped I’d be safe here, away from the presbytery. I didn’t think they’d find me, but not long after I got into bed they came after me again, and there was nothing I could do. When they’re around it’s like I’m paralyzed, and I can only move the way they want me to.”

“And what about your arm? What happened there?”

“They cut me with some sort of sharp instrument, like a scalpel. I don’t know, maybe they took blood samples or something. They’ve done that before, and normally it seems to heal almost instantaneously, but tonight something happened. It was like as if they were interrupted in the middle of the examination, and I was brought back really quickly. Normally I’m aware of being returned, but tonight I just woke suddenly and found myself back in bed.

“Ali, I’m sorry I came barging into your room like that, but I was so scared! I couldn’t stand the thought of being alone. I was scared they’d come back to finish the job.”

Thank goodness Paco was looking better by now. The normal color was back in his face and he wasn’t shaking any more. We talked for a while longer before he felt able to go back to his own room. I lay awake the rest of the night, staring at the ceiling and wondering how in the name of heaven I was going to tell him the truth.

I was well aware of the examination procedure that we carry out, and yes, he was quite correct. We do take numerous blood and tissue samples, as well as sperm and ova from the bodies of our Human “guests”. I was also well aware of how terrifying and unpleasant it could potentially be for them, but it’s for their own good. The man-made chemical pollution on Earth is a major concern to us, the caretakers and guardians of the planet, and the only way we can monitor its effects on living creatures is to take these samples on a regular basis.

For Humans, a visit to the doctor or dentist is not always pleasant either, as I was finding out now that I was inhabiting an Earth body; in fact such visits can be downright painful and quite terrifying. However, as painful and unpleasant as medical procedures such as injections and tooth drilling are, they are nonetheless carried out for the ultimate welfare of the patient, and are most necessary for the prevention of more serious problems arising. This work we are carrying out on Earth Humans is no different.

The other danger that Humanity faces at this point in time is nuclear weaponry, and the very real possibility that all life on Earth, including Man himself, could be wiped out, as has happened before. This is the reason why sperm and ova are taken, both from Humans and also from various animal species, so that if life on Earth is destroyed, either through man-made or natural catastrophe, the continuation of these life-forms will be assured elsewhere. This is one of our main purposes for being here, as well as the spiritual transmutation work we are carrying out on the Human race, which, if we can free them from the influence of the Controllers, will enable them to evolve further along the path back to Oneness.





The following Monday morning found Kaz, Paco and I seated around Maddie’s kitchen table as she busied herself trying to make coffee. The poor lady’s nervousness was almost tangible, and it was obvious from the dark circles under her eyes that she hadn’t slept very well the night before. In fact I got a distinct impression she’d missed an awful lot of sleep for quite some time.

Paco had called her a day or two before to organize our visit, which was arranged for a time when her husband and daughter would be out of the house, at work and school. We’d all agreed that it would be better to talk to her on her own, at least for this first time. Maddie worked part-time, but this was one of her days off. A broken cup, two dropped teaspoons and a spilt carton of milk later, Kaz the eternal mother could stand it no longer. Stepping quietly to Maddie’s side, she put a comforting arm around her. “Come on darl,” she coaxed gently, “sit down, I’ll make the coffee.”

“I….I’m so sorry.” Maddie stammered, almost on the verge of tears. “I really don’t know what’s wrong with me. Despite all that’s happened here over the past six months I’ve managed to stay reasonably calm. A couple of times in the middle of the night with Kate I thought I was going to lose it - but I didn’t - I got through it; both of us got through it. But now, now I’ve finally found someone to talk to who’ll believe me - now I lose it!” With that she burst into a torrent of tears.

I’ve never been all that good with emotional Humans, but Kaz’s hands were full with coffee-making, and it wasn’t really appropriate for Paco to give her a hug, so I put my arms around her to provide a shoulder to cry on. She took full advantage of it, sobbing her poor little heart out while I desperately tried to remember if I had a tissue or a handkerchief on me. Sensing my dilemma, Paco came to my rescue with a paper towel. We eventually managed to calm her down and get her seated at the table, and Kaz put a strong cup of coffee in front of her, encouraging her to take a sip, assuring her it would make her feel better. Paco meanwhile, ever practical, left the kitchen only to reappear moments later with a half-bottle of brandy he’d found somewhere.

“Here you go, Maddie.” he patted her on the shoulder and poured a generous dollop into her coffee. “This’ll make you feel better!”

“Just watch him, love,” said Kaz with a cheeky wink, “he’ll have you up dancing on the table yet.” Unable to resist Kaz’s warmth and humor, a smile spread across Maddie’s face and she visibly relaxed, probably for the first time in ages. A few sips of brandy-laced coffee later she looked a whole lot better, but taking our cue from Paco we didn’t press her. She needed to feel comfortable and relaxed with us, so the three of us just made small talk for a while, letting her settle and allowing her the space to get her thoughts in order. It was only then that Paco began, very gently, “So Maddie, has anything else happened here since we spoke the other day?”

Watching her closely I noticed her hands begin to tremble slightly as she answered, “Yes, as a matter of fact there was some ‘activity’ last night. As you can probably see, I didn’t get much sleep.”

Paco gave her an encouraging look. “Do you want to tell us about it?”

“Well really,” she shrugged, “there’s not much to tell; just a strange, bright light coming in through the sky-light in the lounge, then the television started going funny again, as is always happening lately. Lucky it seems to right itself by the next day or we’d be paying out a fortune in repair bills. Then around about midnight Kate came in crying to Geoff and me with the usual story of a black-clad figure in her room. She was absolutely terrified so it took a while to calm her down, then she insisted that she couldn’t sleep on her own, so Geoff went into her room, as usual, and she settled down with me.”

“And did your husband get a good night’s sleep in Kate’s room?” Paco enquired.

“Actually, no,” Maddie replied, on the verge of tears again. “He could feel a presence there, and had awful trouble getting to sleep. Then at some point he awoke with a fright thinking someone, or something was touching him on the foot.”

“So he’s open to all of this and aware that something is really going on? He doesn’t dismiss it as an over-active imagination on Kate’s part?”

“Oh no, Father Lopez! Geoff has no problem believing us. He’s seen the figures and the lights himself, but he just doesn’t know how to deal with it, and often won’t even discuss it. This makes it really hard for me. It’s as if he’s in some kind of denial, and so usually leaves me to deal with the situation on my own, but now I’m totally worn out. I can’t take it any more and neither can Kate.” Tears welled in her eyes and I reached out and took her hand, assuring her that now we were here she was not alone anymore with her problem.

It was then that I sensed a wave of emotion coming from Kaz, and was surprised to see her eyes bright with tears that she was obviously struggling hard to control. I was aware of the fact that she’d been through some similar dramas with her young son Ben, but thought that now, with full understanding of who and what she was, this would have been resolved; but obviously not. Maddie’s dilemma was stirring things up again for her.

Then the moment passed as Maddie turned to Paco with a question. ‘Father, what I still don’t understand is how you can be so sure the activity here isn’t being caused by poltergeists, or evil spirits of some sort. After all, the figures we see are all dressed in black, and with hats or hoods pulled down so we can’t see their faces. What makes you think they’re aliens, and how do you know that they’re not evil?”

I inwardly winced at the word “alien”. How I hated this term that conjured up such feelings of ‘them and us’, when in truth we are all One. Luckily Paco was there to step in calmly and answer her question, because at that moment I was struggling with my own unresolved issues.

“Well, Maddie,” he replied, “I began to suspect it was ET activity by a couple of things you told me. Admittedly there are very close parallels between what people call poltergeists, and ET contact. For example the electrical interference, and the strange noises and lights; but the fact that it actually got worse after your friend cleansed the house with Reiki was mainly what made me think of ETs. Ali here has been doing Reiki for many years, in fact she teaches it, and has used it successfully on several occasions to clear negative energy in the form of ghosts out of houses, haven’t you Ali?”

“Yes!” I answered, turning to Maddie to explain. “Reiki is a very potent high frequency energy that clears negativity and brings good vibes back into a house or wherever there’s a problem with disharmonized energy. It doesn’t hurt the ghost, but rather heals and rebalances its energy which in turn releases it so it can move on to where it’s supposed to be. If it was a ghost or some sort of negative poltergeist energy causing your problems, Reiki would definitely have got rid of it. The ET Visitors however love it, because they’re also of a higher vibrational frequency and in fact they actually home in on it, recognizing it for what it is.”

“So,” Paco continued, “that’s one of the reasons why I think it’s ET contact we’re dealing with here. Also, the way you describe the figures as being all dressed in black and with a hat or hood pulled down over their faces. All of us, myself included, have had close encounters with the ETs known on Earth as the Greys, or ‘Zetas’. They’re the ones with the sometimes small, but also sometimes very tall, thin bodies, long, triangular-shaped faces and very large, dark, almond-shaped eyes.

The reason why they cloak themselves in black and cover their faces is for the purpose of disguise. They know how scared people, and particularly children could potentially be to see them as they are, and so they cover themselves to lessen the shock of their appearance. Once you become more accustomed to their presence they gradually lift the hat or hood back to let you see them properly. I don’t think they even realize how potentially scary they look, dressed in that way, but they do know Humans would be afraid of their strange physical appearance. They’re very aware of how much difficulty some Humans have with anyone who looks different physically.”

“But for heaven’s sake,” Maddie protested, “why do they dress in black? Why not in white? People associate black with evil, death and misfortune, whereas white is associated with goodness and purity. Don’t they know that?”

“Well actually, Maddie,” Paco replied, “that doesn’t even apply with all cultures on Earth. In some traditions it’s the other way around. And anyway, look at us priests and nuns; we traditionally wear black, but we aren’t associated with evil, death and misfortune - at least hopefully not!” he added with a grin, then turned to me. “Ali, you know more about the Grey teachers than I do. Is there any special significance in their choice of black clothes?”

 ‘Yes, there certainly is. If any of you have studied physics at school, you’ll know that light is composed of the seven colors of the spectrum. In fact, a rainbow is created when sunlight is refracted off droplets of moisture in the atmosphere, which act as prisms, breaking the light down into its seven color components. White is ‘no color’ because it reflects light, which is made up of all the colors of the spectrum, whereas black is ‘all color’ because it absorbs light.

“The work of the Grey teachers involves healing and balancing Human life-force energy, which can be done through the vibrational frequencies of the color spectrum. The seven colors of the spectrum each synchronize with one of the seven main chakras, or energy points in our body. The black clothing worn by the teachers signifies that they have balanced all their ‘colors’, in other words their whole energy or chakra system, which in turn enables them to assist us down here to heal and balance this important aspect of our being. As part of our energy balancing, harmonizing and healing, we draw to ourselves whichever color is required for this process to take place, and so the Grey teacher working with you represents this aspect and displays the appropriate color corresponding to whichever chakra you most need to work on. The idea is to ask what color you need for clarity and balance, to best enable you to carry out the task at hand or to learn the required lesson.

“Now say for example you need to learn to communicate or express yourself more clearly, or to speak out more, as I have. The color for this intention is blue, which is associated with the throat chakra, so that is the aspect of your Teacher you’d link into.”

“And how do you know which color you need?” Maddie asked, quite obviously fascinated by what I had to say.

“Oh, that’s easy. Next time you see the black-clad figure, examine the clothing. You’ll notice something like a particular-colored feather stuck in his hat band, or maybe a colored trim somewhere on his clothing, on a pocket, or tie, or on the border of his cape.”

Maddie shook her head. “Wow, that is so weird! And are you absolutely sure they’re not evil?”

“Oh, goodness no, definitely not.”

“This is what I couldn’t understand.” Maddie frowned in puzzlement. “We’re just a normal, average family. We try to be good Christians and decent people, always ‘doing unto others’ as the saying goes, and every time these disturbances happen in the house I wrack my brains trying to work out why. We’re not into drugs, we’re not into alcohol, we’re not even into all this latest New-Age stuff with crystals, tarot etc; in fact none of us are interested in it in the slightest, even Kate.

“And that’s the other thing that doesn’t add up,” she went on, “Kate’s sudden uncanny ability in math. I know my daughter well enough to know she isn’t cheating. She takes after me in that she’s not good with figures and calculating, but she is also honest. It’s not like we’re pressuring her to do well at school or anything like that; we know she does her best, but she’s more right brain-oriented, and into music and dance in a big way. But this sudden ability! Can any of you explain that?”

Kaz spoke up for the first time: “That sounds a lot like my daughter Kira and also my son Ben, but with Ben it’s not so much a sudden and inexplicable brilliance in anything academic, but rather the amazingly profound things that come out of his mouth.


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