Connecting All Beings In Oneness

Excerpts from THE ZETA MESSAGE




une 2000.
It was a cool, sunny afternoon when the phone rang: “Hi, Judy?” the slightly nervous-sounding voice responded down the line. “I’m Helene. Did Ian contact you about our problem? Can we please talk? I just don’t know what the heck is going on here, and he said you might be able to help us. He told me you’ve had similar stuff happening around you for ages, and that there’s nothing to be scared of, but it’s all so weird. Please help me to understand what is going on in our house.” She then proceeded to give me a harrowing but very familiar account of the strange and disturbing “activity” that was taking place in their normally quiet and peaceful suburban family home. I’d been expecting this call since the day before, when my close friend and Reiki teacher, Ian, had phoned for assistance on a rather worrying matter that had arisen in connection with the family of one of his students — the woman with whom I was now speaking.

Helene had learned Level One Reiki with Ian in 1996, in order to help her two children with their asthma. It had proven very successful and enjoyable for the whole family, and after she went on to do Level Two at the end of 1999, Gary, her 12-year-old daughter Kira, and her 7-year-old son Ben decided that they too would like to learn. It was a week or so after the family’s attunements were carried out in early June 2000 that the disturbing “activity” in their home began.

As Ian explained to me over the phone, the first hint of what lay ahead for the family started with young Ben waking one night screaming in terror. When his mom went in to him, he was almost hysterical, tearfully describing a man he’d seen standing in the corner of his bedroom. The man was dressed all in black, with a long cape over his shoulders and a broad-brimmed hat pulled down low over his face. Other activity then followed in the form of strange “beeping” noises being heard, lights flashing through the kitchen skylight at night, and a large dog suddenly appearing in the lounge room then going through to Ben’s room, where it mysteriously disappeared. No doors or windows were open at the time, and the family’s own dog, a large black Labrador, was locked outside. Other Human-like figures had also been seen around the house.

Helene and Gary knew that Ben’s experience with the mysterious Man in Black was more than a simple night terror or vivid imagination, for Gary himself almost walked into a similar figure in the hallway when he went to calm his son’s terrified screams late one night. The activity surrounding the family then stepped up to another level of concern when young Ben began experiencing strange “trance-states” in which he was almost completely oblivious to everything going on around him, including his mother’s reassuring voice. During these states he became totally caught up in a world of fear.

Ian had tried to assist the family by visiting their home to carry out a Reiki cleanse. We’ve both done this on occasions, as Reiki is a wonderful tool for neutralizing negative energy. It’s a totally positive and loving energy that cannot be used in a harmful way, and we both knew that it would be impossible for the Reiki itself to have caused anything negative to be drawn into the home.

The Reiki cleanse didn’t work. In fact, after it was carried out, the “activity” increased, and to add to the situation, Ian was due to leave on an overseas holiday the very next day, hence his desperate phone call to me for help. He felt awful to be seemingly abandoning the family in their hour of need, but he really didn’t know what else to do for them. He was puzzled and concerned, because Reiki had always worked in the past to clear away negative energies in the form of ghosts, poltergeists, etc. As he said to me: “What in the name of heaven is going on? Why hasn’t the Reiki helped? This has never ever happened before, and I just don’t know what to do!” But his description of the black-clad figure, the mysterious dog and other happenings in the family home were ringing loud and clear bells with me, and I guessed the reason: Reiki wasn’t getting rid of the disturbances and in fact was serving to draw them in more strongly.

The Man in Black was very familiar to me. I even thought I knew his name, and did know for a fact that he loved Reiki. On a deeper level of consciousness I’d also been expecting this contact since Christmas 1998, when a psychic friend made a prediction that in June an even closer relationship was going to be established with my ET friends. I’d also been told that my contact dealt with the “spiritual” side of things, and another person would be brought in to access the “physical” aspect. If my guess was correct, then this black-clad being was the same one responsible for initiating my own journey of spiritual growth and transformation, which began in 1983 with what is commonly known as an “ET encounter experience.”

This highly significant and life-changing contact in 1983, in which two perfectly solid, three-dimensional Zeta beings appeared beside me in full daylight on an otherwise completely normal Sunday afternoon, was the culmination of a lifetime of ongoing ET contact. It’s only now, looking back through a more expanded conscious awareness, that I’m able to fully comprehend and appreciate the vast amount of preparation that led up to this momentous event and to subsequent happenings that have taken place since.




One night in early 1983, several weeks after my thirtieth birthday, I experienced a most wonderful and uplifting dream. In it I found myself sitting on the bank of a stream talking to somebody very special, and on waking the following morning clearly remembered that it was The Teacher. I associated him with Manolo, but at the same time I knew that he was somehow much more. This is very hard to explain in three-dimensional terms. It was as if Manolo were part of him, but only one facet, with me being another facet, but he was more than just the two of us.

I couldn’t quite recall what he looked like, but the impression was of a mature and highly respected Elder, with dark skin and very large black eyes. At the time, with flamenco still a big part of my life, I thought of him as a Romany Elder, but there was something else about him that I couldn’t quite recall. It was something different, not quite Human — devic maybe — that I felt with him.

His physical appearance however was not an issue. It was the love and sense of connection that left a lasting impression that remained with me for days afterwards. The depth of love that flowed between us was beyond words, leaving me feeling lonely and “homesick” whenever it came to mind in the days that followed. And I knew him so well from somewhere — he was totally familiar to me. Time ceased as we sat together in gentle and easy communion on the bank of the stream, speaking at length on matters of great importance which only now, more than 20 years later, I understand on a conscious level.

Others came by while we were there, and I was left with the impression of being in the company of a highly respected Teacher, but that night his main focus was on me. It was as if these others knew not to interrupt for too long, and quickly moved on, leaving us alone to speak of matters in private — matters which I could not recall on waking. What I did recall however was the sense of intimacy, trust and complete openness, and the love — deep, profound love beyond description in Earthly terms.

It was as if we knew, understood and were connected to each other right at the very core of our being. Nothing was hidden, no barriers stood between us on any level. It was a feeling of profound vulnerability but at the same time total acceptance, trust and unconditional love of a depth that one would have to experience personally to be able to fully comprehend. Although I didn’t consciously realize it at the time, this was a preliminary discussion and a preparation for what was to come.

It was a warm afternoon a week or so later when my husband’s family — mother, father and older sister were visiting us as they often did for a Sunday outing in the country. His parents had arrived in Australia before the Second World War, and settled in North Queensland where his dad worked in the sugar cane industry. Moving to the city in the 1960s, they missed the rural lifestyle of their former home, with its lush tropical rainforests and fields of cane stretching to the horizon, and so they enjoyed coming to visit our property. They were always happy to lend a hand with the endless chores that come with having animals to care for. In the middle of the afternoon I started feeling a little off-color, as if I were coming down with the flu, and so I excused myself to go upstairs to lie down for a while in the back bedroom, which was quiet and private. By then we’d moved into a new home, a modern, Spanish-style two-story house with living areas downstairs and bedrooms upstairs.

Relaxing but not asleep on the bed I suddenly found myself in what I now know was a trance state, paralyzed from head to foot and with a loud roaring/buzzing sound ringing in my ears giving me a headache. It actually felt like the top of my head was coming off or being opened up. Although my eyes were closed, I could “see” two small, slender figures standing on the left-hand side of the bed about level with my arm. They were watching me closely and seemed to be communicating with each other as well as with me on a deeper level of my awareness, although all I could physically hear was the loud buzzing sound. I believe there may have been a third entity behind me.

The two I could see stood between the bed and the window and were perfectly solid, three-dimensional beings that blocked my view out of the window. My thought was that they were family members — my mother-in-law is a small, dark, slightly built woman, and I thought one of them was her by the similarity of build, large dark eyes, and also the feeling of close familiarity. Their presence actually reassured me and removed all the fear I’d first experienced on finding myself paralyzed.

When I returned to conscious awareness a little later — missing time was involved — it occurred to me that I’d been in a deeply altered state and that my Visitors could not have been physical family members. My mother-in-law would never dream of coming into a room like that to watch me sleeping, and anyway, there were two that I could see, and my sister and father-in-law were bigger, taller people, as is my husband. The family had in fact spent all afternoon working together outside. Thinking about it later, I realized that one of the beings was the Teacher I’d spent time with in the dream, which had occurred only a week or two before. No wonder my fear had dissipated at the familiar sight of him.

Although not consciously aware of it at the time, these two contact experiences involved the next significant upgrade to my “hard-drive,” which served to open up a much stronger link back to Zeta consciousness. This link was to enable me to access deeper knowledge and understanding, which was to change my life completely.

In the first contact, during the “dream,” this process was discussed fully with the Zeta Elder with whom I share a soul connection. No wonder on waking that I was aware of something extremely profound having taken place, along with a sense of great excitement and anticipation. At last we were getting down to the business of why I came here in the first place — it was time to “get on with the job!”

The second contact a week or so later was when the actual upgrading process was carried out. For this to take place, my whole energy system had to be “opened up” to allow the necessary adjustments to be made, just as a computer can be upgraded to increase its megabyte capacity so that more information may be downloaded into the system. It was this temporary “opening up” that enabled me to hear the strange roaring/buzzing noise, like someone who has been profoundly deaf since birth suddenly being able to hear. In Earth Human terms I suppose this process could be described as a “walk-in experience,” because the upgrade to my energy system allowed a much greater volume of Zeta consciousness to be accessed/expressed through my consciousness. 




During my visit that day Oris also showed us a rather complex aura-cleansing technique which is, as he explained, easier for the Zetas with their very long fingers. To compensate for our anatomical deficiency, he showed us how to link the energy flow between our fingertips. This lesson led to more amazing confirmation for Helene later that afternoon.

While I was there, Shaka the black Labrador came unbidden into the lounge room and went straight to a seemingly empty armchair in the far corner. When Helene scolded him, Oris apologized and owned up to having called the dog in. Of course Shaka had gone over to where he was sitting. Oris explained how much he enjoyed having the dog present, so Helene let him stay, sitting happily with his huge head resting on Oris’s lap, which looked really weird as neither Helene nor I could see Oris physically.

Returning home from dropping me off at the train station later that afternoon, Helene asked Kira if she felt better after speaking to me. She said yes, in a way, but she was still worried that we’d think she was making it all up or else imagining it, as she was the only one who could see and hear Oris on a physical, conscious level. Helene reassured her that she did trust her and believed what she was saying, and went on to point out that there was no way she could have made up all the information that Oris had passed on to us during the course of the day. “I know that, Mom,” Kira replied, “but I still wish you could at least hear his voice!”

Little did Kira know how soon her wish would be granted, nor did Helene even begin to guess that she was about to receive the shock of her life.

H: When we got home from taking Jude to the station, we sat down in the family room to talk over the day’s events. I did this to help both of us acknowledge how important the day had been, for all our sakes. It really had been huge! I then suggested we refresh ourselves with the new teaching of the aura cleanse that Oris had given us. I felt it was very important, and being one who loves details, and being a bit of a perfectionist for making sure things are done correctly, especially with energy work, I thought I’d write down each step. After all, it is rather complex.

Well, what excitement! I’m busy practicing, and asking Kira if this is how he did it when all of a sudden I hear this loud, strong, authoritative but kindly voice say: “No, put your fingers together!” All the dogs in the street started barking except Shaka. I told Kira to run out front to see if someone was there, but nobody was in sight. As she walked back towards me she suddenly squealed with excitement, shock and realization: “Mom — that was Oris talking to you! You heard his voice just like I hear it!” Almost scraping myself up off the floor in shock I could only respond lamely with — “Really?” then, “Oh my God! Thank you so much Oris!” Kira threw her arms around me. She was so excited and happy — and I felt totally stunned — relieved and pleased for her, but in a complete state of shock myself. Did I really hear Oris’s voice?

As the reality of what had just happened began filtering through my brain — or should I say through my consciousness, it dawned on me — Why in the world would somebody walk past our front door saying: “Put your fingers together!” And the voice was so loud and powerful — enough to set all the local dogs off — except Shaka, who knows Oris and is therefore familiar with him enough not to respond in such a way at the sound of his voice. If it had been someone outside, Shaka would have barked too, so that doesn’t make sense at all. Isn’t it funny how, when we can’t believe what we’re hearing, we go looking “outside” for answers!

J: When Helene told her husband Gary about this, he informed her that he had seen Oris on one occasion in Kira’s room when he’d gone in to calm her fears in the middle of the night, and on another occasion had almost walked into him in the hallway. He’d felt too embarrassed to say anything at the time, which is a fairly common reaction with some people in connection with ET visitation and contact. A few days after Helene’s experience, Oris confirmed that it had indeed been his voice she’d heard. He explained that he’d allowed her to hear him that one time, to put their minds at ease and to reassure them both of the reality of his presence.


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