Connecting All Beings In Oneness

THE ZETA MESSAGE by Judy Carroll & Helene Kaye


The Zeta Message is a  powerful and moving account of author Judy Carroll’s lifelong contacts with the gray ETs known as “Zetas”, or as Judy refers to them, the gray “Guardians”. It describes the fear she went through as a child experiencing a number of inexplicable happenings, along with an underlying sense of connection with the strange beings whose presence haunted her childhood. Then followed a gradual opening up of deeper conscious awareness and understanding through a series of profound encounter experiences during her teens and young adult life. 

The Zeta Message also gives a detailed account of a very normal, average Australian family who, in the year 2000, suddenly found themselves caught up in full-on and seemingly frightening contact with the so-called “Greys”. This almost nightly contact involved mysterious flashing lights, black-clad figures appearing in the corner of bedrooms in the middle of the night, and children awakening, screaming in terror.


 It then goes on to describe a gradual opening up process leading to deeper levels of understanding as the “fear barrier” is slowly broken down to reveal incredible depths of love, wisdom and oneness. Helene Kaye, the mother of the family involved and co-author of The Zeta Message, kept meticulous notes on a daily basis, on which much of the book is based.

  By the time Helene and her family entered the scene, Judy Carroll had reached a point of total awareness and harmony with this other ET side of her reality. Working from this dual ET/Human perspective, she was able to calm and reassure the family, and thus assist them through their own “awakening” process, which is precisely what contact with the gray Guardians is all about.

What makes The Zeta Message excitingly different from other books dealing with the subject of Human/ET contact is the fact that, along with in-depth descriptions of the other-worldly encounters experienced by the people involved, comprehensive and detailed explanations and answers are given on many aspects of this often misunderstood subject. As well as this, teachings and messages given to Judy Carroll over many years by her ET contacts, were independently confirmed by Helene’s two children, Kira and Ben, during their own contact experiences.

 This book is a “must-read”, not only for experiencers of ET contact who are in need of answers, but also for those providing support for such experiencers, whether on an amateur or professional level.

Published by Wild Flower Press. Available through Amazon from April 1st  2011.


See also Judy Carroll’s official website: http://www.ufogreyinfo.com/